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Friction XV

Chapter XV from my novel Friction.



The priest made the appropriate hand motions and mumblings before the truck then went around to the passenger side and climbed in with the trucks rumbling forward then across the border in a strong white line of rattling obstinate defiance critical humanitarian aid the Russians say thinly veiled invasion the Ukrainians say half empty fully empty partially full cargo trucks knocking down the main road to Luhansk then turning off and heading north via country road into the village of Uralo-Kavkaz to avoid Ukrainian troops coming some 80 years after the Holodomor which is still widely a secret the genocide of millions unmentioned in the West coming into Ukraine this time instead of hauling people wasted out to Siberia and other desolate locales leaving them to scavenge fruitlessly for food and evaporate into the frozen air the trucks now a ruse to provide cover for pro-Russian separatists who were on the point of being overrun by Ukrainian forces the white Russian trucks a dare as it were to the Ukrainian government to continue military action against the rebels and thereby risk striking these mobile offerings of humanitarian aid

Bullshit Angelika pronounces Putin will say anything to advance his imperialistic aims or to keep the rest of the world from stopping him more accurately he’s mimicking Stalin and the world sits by and watches forgets and watches

75% Off ‘Friction’ E-book

Throughout July you can get any e-book version (epub, mobi/Kindle, lrf, pdf, pdb) of Friction for 75% off the retail price of $9.99! Sale is available only on the Smashwords site—part of their sitewide Summer Sale.

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Author Alley at Loganberry Books, July 2

I’ll be joining a slew of Cleveland-area authors at Loganberry Books’ Author Alley this Saturday, July 2, from 12-4 p.m. Should be a fun event. It’s part of the 10th annual Larchmere Festival, which features food, drink, music, crafts and antiques. Stop by and pick up a copy of my new book, “Friction,” and check out all the other books and goings-on.


RNC Friction

To mark the city of Cleveland’s recent announcement of the official event zone, parade route, protest areas, etc. for the upcoming Republican National Convention: Chapter X of my recently released novel Friction, in which the characters react to the convention from a 2014 vantage point.



It was around that time that the Republican National Committee announced it would be holding its upcoming convention in our town which produced a cynical glint in Angelika’s eye a cynicism that nonetheless sparkled with a certain criminal glee I can’t believe they’d allow nay court that kind of bullshit here she told me motherfucking Republicans we need to grab em by the balls while they’re here grab em by the balls and twist them off perform abortions on public square or something something to really flip their wigs I laughed but without any degree of confidence that Angelika was joking there seemed in fact to be a heat radiating from her that signaled some kind of outside menace one perhaps that had swept in on the wave of fascistic tidings to take possession of our friend Angelika it struck me with both fear and excitement to see her so charged I’m sure you’ll be able to get your fill of protests I said which immediately ignited a new rage in Angelika flashing across her face like shadow and light play from the clouds I don’t just want some protest I recall her nearly screaming but probably she wasn’t so aggressive in her response I want to be part of something that matters not comfortable continuing this line of talk with Angelika in such a state or with my imagining that she was in such a state I assured her that she would come up with something with the convention still two years off she certainly had enough time to develop a plan although just the thought of what monstrosity she might in fact unleash upon our fair city prevented me from relaxing any and I began to craft my own plan for excusing myself from Angelika that afternoon or morning or whatever it was with the hope that her rage at the announcement of the convention would pass over leaving her more sensible for our next encounter a parade of elephants tattooed with corporate logos ridden by geriatric white guys with unnaturally strong erections trampling people mostly women in the city streets she was musing as I was getting up and saying goodbye the people I suppose would have to be dummies though she conceded

‘Friction’ Available April 12

perf5.000x7.000.inddMatt Marshall’s second novel, Friction, will be published April 12, 2016, by Caged Letter Press.

The book unfolds over the tumultuous year 2014. The planet continues to warm, pro-Russian militants seize large swaths of Eastern Ukraine, the Islamic State rises to terror in the Middle East, Syria splinters further toward collapse, Ebola breaks out in West Africa, unbridled white cops cut down unarmed blacks in U.S. cities, heroin kills indiscriminately throughout the Midwest (and beyond), a floundering man meets a desperate woman wheeling her bike off the velodrome in Cleveland.

Written in a free-flowing style punctuated by shifts in font size, Friction follows the relationship between these two Clevelanders—the woman, a recovering heroin addict increasingly drawn into the conflict in her ancestral Ukraine; the man, an “astronomical folklorist” with a penchant for Sun Ra recordings, trying, perhaps, just to stay tethered to Earth. Identities flitter and morph as 2014 rumbles on and the two struggle to find meaningful roles amidst the upheaval.

Read the opening chapter of Friction.

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